We are proud of our reputation for delivering innovative, high quality lubricants at affordable prices to respond to the needs of consumers. Our lubricants are blended in Ghana or Togo. We also import specialty lubricants or client specific quality requirement lubricants from Europe and Middle East.

JDs comprehensive range of lubricants vary from

  • Synthetic engine oils to mineral-based engine oils for both petrol and diesel engines
  • Multi-grade and single-grade lubricants for both petrol and diesel engines
  • Gear oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)
  • Brake Fluids (DOT 3, and DOT 4)
  • Greases
  • Car Care Products

Our products meet specifications from the following institutions:

  •  American Petroleum (API)
  •  European (CCMC)
  •  Asia (ACEA)
  •  Original Engine Manufacturers (OEMs)