Our People

The JD Family Charter

We aim to attract, recruit and retain ingenious professionals who share our values. With a team of bright talents, we are committed to offering our employees the opportunity to self-actualize and chart progressive career paths for themselves.

Our Community

Committed to our Social Contract

We are committed to strengthening our integration into local communities where any of our service outlets are located. Our target is to empower these communities economically in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our Customers

Motivated by Operational Distinction

We strive to offer the best customer oriented service to to ensure customer satisfaction. The processes we deploy enable us to identify the needs of our customers which are then met with services that ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Environment

Driven by Excellence

We understand that growth must be both inclusive and environmentally sound in order to continuously meet the needs of future generations. This tenet, for us, is rooted in the underlying philosophy of creating long-term value in our communities by investing in economic, social and environmental developments.