Liquefied Petroleum Gas –LPG

For many businesses and households, the use of a more efficient hydrocarbon for their energy needs is an important factor in their sustainability strategy. We offer fuel for energy conversion solutions to enable customers switch from less efficient fuel types like diesel to LPG. We provide the technical expertise, installation support, training and post installation support to our clients. We offer a reliable LPG supply solution since customers need to be able to count on a reliable partner who can meet their gas supply requirements.

Cylinder Home delivery

Filled and empty cylinders are exchanged when a client makes a purchase order through our enterprise system. Customers are also offered the opportunity to walk into any of our LPG station networks to fill their cylinders. Our LPG has high energy content and is safe to use.

Auto Gas

We serve our customers with LPG with high propane content and moderate pressure to ensure efficient LPG combustion. This feature provides required energy for the auto vehicle users. We distribute our AutoGas fuels through our LPG mini plants located across the country.

Piped and Metered LPG supply

JD-Link offers safe LPG to households delivered through metered pipeline.  Piped LPG is supplied through LPG pipelines equipped with custody flow meters for accurate billing.